Cushings in a Prize Dressage Horse

Dr. Brian McLaren, Q.D.A.H., B.V.Sc., C.V.A.(IVAS), P/Grad.Dip, M.App.Sc.

I was called to attend to a prize dressage horse  in July 2010.  The mare was obviously suffering from Cushing’s Disease and had not shed out the previous Summer.  The owner stated that the mare was not her normal self, being as rough as a cart-horse to ride, with a stilted movement, and not at all generous in her response to aids.  While the general body condition was heavy, there was not a specific problem with excess fat pads on the neck or butt of tail.

Waverly's Neck Prize Dressage Horse with Cushings Disease Waverley behind

Treatment was initiated with photonic therapy, 3 times a week bilaterally on the acupuncture points nominated below.

As well as the recommended base of 9 standard points.

Specific points to encourage shedding out used were TH 1, 17, 23 and BL 13, 23,

Within the first 10 days the mare had shed in patches covering half her head, neck and body, and the owner claimed she was much smoother to ride.  By the end of the treatment the mare had completely recovered and remained sound as of July 2013.

Please visit this page for more information on Photonic Therapy for horses.

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