Photonic Therapy Treatment for Horses

See How Photonic Therapy Can help Your Horse with Cushing’s Disease

Dr. Brian McLaren, Q.D.A.H., B.V.Sc., C.V.A.(IVAS), P/Grad.Dip, M.App.Sc.

Cushing’s disease is traditionally considered a condition of humans and old dogs and does not appear as an equine disease in any of the veterinary texts.It’s only in recent years it was recognized as a condition in horses and there was a lot of buzz about it.


The two main symptoms that people see and call Cushing’s, occurs as either not shedding out a previous winter’s hair-coat, or excess (unsightly) fat deposited along the neck crest, or tail butt.

There can be a range of less obvious conditions ranging from polydipsia (excess thirst and water intake), polyuria, heat intolerance, lethargy, dermatologic manifestations and infertility. This ‘rough’ ride indicative of a generalized sub-clinical arthritis.

As well as the shedding out, you may observe a change in the horse’s gait, energy level and smoothness of ride.  Affected animals often have a stilted gait producing a rough ride which is indicative of a generalized sub-clinical arthritis.

Veterinary Tests

Veterinary tests are often inconclusive, with the treatment regimes being varied, usually long term, expensive, and also not very effective.

How Photonic Therapy Will Help

Using Photonic Therapy, Cushing’s disease is very easy to treat.

When you buy a horse kit, you will receive a sophisticated torch and an information kit.

Note: Beware of cheap imitations of the torch as they don’t work and give Photonic Therapy a bad name.

Within the kit is a general formula. Please follow this formula carefully.

In addition to this, you can tend to add TH 7 (3rib widths up from the front knee on a front outer corner of an “imaginary square” forelimb), and ST 40 (on the front “outside corner” of the hind leg half-way from stifle to hock).  These points are a little difficult to find and are not essential.  I expect a good result within three weeks, often within days.

It is also desirable to treat old scars, stomach ulcers, sacroiliac injury, or whatever else is wrong with the horse, or just the specific points may take a little longer to work on their own.  This is where the 13 point diagnosis helps so much as the horse will have more than just one thing wrong with it and the reactive points cover the lot.  If you are dealing with a mare it may also bring her into season, though it will not upset a pregnancy.

Photonic Therapy is far superior to any other treatment, veterinary or otherwise for Cushing’s Disease.  You can learn more about Photonic Therapy and buy a kit for you and your horse here >>>



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