Treatment for Cushings Amazes Pony Club Members

Dr. Brian McLaren, Q.D.A.H., B.V.Sc., C.V.A.(IVAS), P/Grad.Dip, M.App.Sc.

A mother of two sub-teen girls wanted them to enjoy horses as she herself had done years earlier.  Two quiet and safe horses were purchased for the girls to learn to ride.  One was a very quiet elderly grey mare that happened to have Cushing’s Disease. 

pony with cushingsThis mare was given to the more nervous of the young girls.  This young lady found it virtually impossible to rise to the trot as the mare’s gait would throw her too high out of the saddle.  The mare was also disinclined to do little more than walk in a head down posture.

After one week of treating with photonic therapy by the girl’s riding instructor, the mare started shedding, was alert and would freely trot in the paddock or to come to feed.

By the end of 2 weeks,  at a gymkhana, the young girl was finding it comfortable and easy to rise to the trot, claimed the mare had not only participated generously but while waiting for her turn the young girl would canter the mare in circles.  After a morning’s work the mare was still eager to respond, to the amazement of the rest of the adults of the pony club.

You can learn more about Photonic Therapy by clicking this link.

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